Napkin® GO patented carrier system is a patented capsule system allowing the carriage of a liquid and its related compressed tissue.
In practice, in a pocket-sized body it is possible to fit a liquid together with a compressed tissue or swab, related to the application of the liquid.
It is realized in recyclable plastic (PP) and the tissue is made of 100% Viscose.

The product is completely customizable. The customer can choose the liquid to fill in from a wide standard available range, or he can supply his own liquid. The label on the product and the packaging as well are customizable.

Patented in 148 Countries under the PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty). More info available on www.wipo.int/pct/en/



The device is really simple and clever. It has two concentric cylindrical chambers, one inside the other, that normally are completely isolated. The pressure in the centre of the capsule triggers the bottom cover, letting the liquid flow from the outer chamber to the inner one. In this way, the compressed tissue held in the inner chamber starts absorbing the liquid and grows. The vertical growth of the tissue makes it come out from the capsule, ready to be used.

Physical dimensions
Standard Capsule

Diameter 43,2 mm – Height 13 mm – Weight 10,3 gr
Capsule capacity up to 4,5 ml
Compressed tissue size 20×22 cm
100% natural Viscose, 40 g/sm
Capsula maxi
Diameter 43,2 mm – Height 17 mm – Weight 12 gr
Capsule capacity up to 7,5 ml
Compressed tissue size 20×22 cm
100% natural Viscose, 40 g/sm



The purposes are several: just changing the liquid inside and the kind of tissue, it allows various combinations, like:
– medical: with antiseptic liquid + compressed swab
– make-up: with make-up remover liquid + compressed tissue
– beauty: with cosmetic lotion + face mask
– mosquito: with repellent lotion and compressed tissue
– pets: with specific fur (or ears, or eyes) lotion + compressed tissue
– lens: with specific glass lenses cleaning liquid + compressed tissue
– sanitizing: with surfaces powerful antibacteric + compressed tissue



Does it expire?

The separation from the liquid and the tissue allows a long lasting and stability. Usually generic applications has 24 months shelf-life, anyway the lasting depends on the liquid, that can be supplied directly from the customer.

Which liquids can I fill in?

Usually any kind of liquid with low viscosity, like water based solutions, compatible with the compressed tissue. To verify this compatibility, we can supply tissues or face masks samples, to test autonomously.

What is the minimum order quantity?

The minimum quantity depends on the liquid, usually with our own liquids it is 5.000 pcs and it is produced in 20 days.
The starting low unit price varies according to the quantity: the higher the quantity, the lower the cost.

Is it possible to change the tissue inside?

The capsule can accept other tissues inside, but compressed and mechanically compatible. For example with antiseptic liquid, it is possible to use a smaller tissue as a swab, or with a beauty lotion, it is possible to use a compressed face mask, to get a beauty treatment.

Which certifications are available?

The production site is certified ISO 9000/14000/18000 and fulfils GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices). All liquids filled are microbiologically and dermatologically tested in Italy.

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