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Perfumed, Sanitizing, Make-Up remover and many other options!

The applications of this technology are endless. By changing the liquid, an infinite number of combinations and uses can be achieved.

NapkinĀ® GO patented carrier system is a capsule system allowing the carriage of a liquid and a compressed tissue. This single pocket-sized capsule is able to contain a liquid together with a biodegradable compressed tissue, in two separated compartments.

The capsule is made of recyclable plastic (PP) and the tissue of 100% biodegradable natural Viscose.

The product is fully customizable in label, packaging and carried liquid.


The device is all the while simple and smart: it consists of two concentric cylindrical chambers (one inside the other), completely isolated from one another. Pressure in the center of the capsule triggers the bottom cover, letting the liquid flow from the outer chamber to the inner one that contains the tissue. In this way, the compressed tissue starts absorbing the liquid and expanding. This vertical growth of the tissue makes it come out of the capsule, already moisturized, ready to be unwrapped and used!